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Froot Loops provide you
With a full day's supply
Of vitamin C

a haiku by Tamagosan (

Grape Nuts thread again
Like 'em or you hate 'em
I always take sides

a haiku by Andy Wing (

Cereal is good.
I eat a whole lot of it,
Then I get sick: BLARF!

a haiku by Tamagosan (

        I eat out girls like Frosted Flakes.
        Frosted flakes tight ill, when I eat em raw, stealin mad boxes
so I'm breakin da law. Burnt by gonnereah bought condoms from the
store, met this bitch mary takin turns like a knob on a door.

I love Frosted flakes with pcp flakes

a rap by Buhda (

ode to blueberry morning breakfast cereal

as said to the poem, green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss

i said to chris i like blueberry morning cereal i do
i like it for breakfast
and a snack too

i like it with milk
i like it without
i even would like it with some baked trout

chris replied with a grin

even baked trout without any gin?
that would be a predicaent to be in!!
I would eat it with trout, and without any gin
to be without blueberry morning would be a giant sin!!

a poem by Laura (

Iron Man! Iron Man!
Does whatever an iron can!
Can he steam
Out your crease?
Sure he can!
Two, at least!
Look comes the Iron Mannnnnnn!

In the early morn
When you're la--ate for work
He will iron your shirts
So you won't look like a jerk!

Iron Man! Iron Man!
Does whatever an iron can!
Is he hot?
Listen, friend,
Asbestos pants
Cover his rear end!
Look comes the Iron Ma--an!
Pre-heat the Iron Ma--an!

a song parody by Captain Infinity (

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