My Little Mermaid Dream

Someone on the Arielholics list asked if anyone had ever had any dreams about Ariel. I hadn't at the time (at least that I could remember), but a few weeks later I had this dream, which I wrote down right after waking:

I'm in a line to go into a movie theatre. It's a very long, slow line, and the previews have already started. But it's not too bad, because there are futuristic TV monitors in the lobby that are showing the previews too . . .

Then a UPA title card comes up on the monitors; apparently we are going to see a short cartoon before the movie. (BTW, the UPA logo includes a bowling ball striking some pins.) But the cartoon is not a UPA-style cartoon, it's a horrible computer-animated piece of crap featuring singing blue Coke cans!

It turns out that was just a commercial, and the real cartoon starts. It some sort of parody of the recent Anastasia movie. It's hard to follow, because the line starts moving and I can't see the monitors very well. Then the line stops, and I see this scene where "Anastasia" is rummaging through a pile of stuff, and she holds up an Ariel figurine . . .

The figure is of Ariel swimming towards the surface, with one arm outstretched wistfully, like on the movie poster. Except this time Ariel is very pregnant, and there's a clock set in the middle of her belly. I am very close to the theatre now, and can hear the audience laughing.

Then there is a short establishing shot of merpeople swimming towards Triton's castle, and I start to get excited, because this looks like it might turn into some kind of Anastasia and Ariel team-up. So right about then I finally make it into the theater, and I am disappointed because no one opened the curtains in front of the movie screen, and the film is being projected onto the curtains, and there's no way to tell what's going on . . .

Then the dream moved on to a completely different location, the way dreams do . . .

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Shad Z. Daly
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