The Arielholics Anonymous Internet Mailing List

Are you an Arielholic?

Well, what's an Arielholic? An Arielholic is more than a fan of Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid. To an Arielholic, Ariel is a way of life, more than an incurable fascination with the redheaded heroine of the 1989 film and its subsequent TV series and other products. Arielholics are aware of their predicament, but choose to do nothing about it, lest they unwillingly become cured.

Arielholics Anonymous is a group that formed on the Internet in about 1993. The term "Arielholic" is attributed to Steve Liu who first used it in an article on the newsgroup rec.arts.disney.

Since then, many fans of Ariel have come out of the woodwork. Some of them choose to remain anonymous, but many of us are proud of our "affliction" and continue to search for new members to incorporate into the global network of Poor Unfortunate Souls.

What's a mailing list?

A mailing list, in the Internet sense of the word, is just a group of mail addresses, with any mail sent to the submission address being sent to all the people on the distribution. Think of it as a sort of newsgroup with a limited readership.

A mailing list isn't an organised newsletter. Most mailing lists are barely controlled anarchy and this list is no exception.

I'm an Arielholic! How can I join?

Joining the Arielholics mailing list involves sending some mail, but that's all right because it is a mailing list you're joining, after all.

Compose an email to and include as the body this line:


You must send this email from the email address that you want the Arielholics messages sent to. Do spell "subscribe" properly. Do send the word "subscribe" in the body of the email, not the subject line. The format is important because the mail will be processed automatically by a program when it's received. If you did everything correctly you'll get an automated reply in less than an hour, and from then on, you're on the list! If there are any problems, the subscribe request will be dealt with manually.

Your first email on the list will be a welcome message telling you how to send messages to the list, and how to get off of the list, and many other helpful things. You should save this email. If you lose it, a copy can be found here.

NOTE: This Web page is based on the original Arielholics Anonymous introduction page by Debbie Pickett, the first moderator of the list. The information was out of date, so I updated it. The list is now moderated by Dan Black.

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