"My Web site may be minimal and primitive, but I'm thrilled and excited just knowing I have one!!"
Above: A quote from Zippy the Pinhead by Bill Griffith Hi, I'm ShadZ!

Welcome to my home page, which is mainly just links to my other pages, where the real content is. Keep on scrollin' down.

The picture to the left is the sign at the Big Bunny Motel, here in Lakewood, Colorado. If you look closely, you may notice some strange spaces between letters. That is because this establishment used to be the Bugs Bunny Motel, until Warner Bros. complained!

As you can see, I have finally stopped ignoring my web site. Look for many updates before the end of the year! First, I will clean up the Little Mermaid fan fiction links...
This picture changes every week (in theory)
Click here to see The Arileholics Pass-Along Story!
It's a Little Mermaid story written by a group of people (including me), and it's fun!

Also, you can learn how to join The Arielholics Anonymous Internet Mailing List here!

Or visit my page of Little Mermaid Links, now with added The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea links

. . . jump to my page with links to all the Little Mermaid fan fiction that I could find!

Ariel Coloring Pages for the kids!

NEW: A dream I had involving Ariel, kind of . . .
Here's the good stuff!
Ariel (from Aaron's Disney Clipart Collection)
More Good Stuff! The alt.cereal Poetry Archive: Presenting some of the best in Usenet poetry!

On the left: I wanted to do a cyber-adoption, because it's good luck for a new Web Site (I just made that up).
So here's Rosie, who I got on a cyber-work release from *Sunshiney Cyber-Adoptions*!
Rosie does my yard work . . .
to Sunshiney's
And here's a cute little Power Girl I just adopted from The CFAN Adoption Agency.
RosieRosie's cactus

Bomis: The Breakfast Cereal Ring
This is an informational site that I compiled. Many cereal links (over 70)! Vist today (as a part of this complete breakfast) . . .

Bomis: The Animated Films (Official Sites) Ring
This is another Bomis Ring site that I put together. Official Web Sites for all the recent and upcoming animated films. So go download an Iron Giant screensaver or something . . .

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